Leggins yoga corazones


We like to feel comfortable when doing sports, that's clear, and if the clothes are also beautiful and sustainable, all the better.

You can play sports in any clothing, but not all of it makes us feel good.

If you go running, you like the tights and bra to fit so that nothing moves, you know what I'm talking about... if you do yoga, you like the tights to not constrict you so you have freedom of movement.

That's why at Mi Maleta y Tú we offer you clothing for every occasion and for every size. If you have questions, you can ask us about the size or what clothing would suit you best for each sport.

Our tips are:

Impact sports (running, CrossFit, etc.): medium-high compression leggings and high intensity sports bra.

Low-impact sports (yoga, pilates, etc.): yoga leggings and medium-intensity sports bra.

Recycled Polyester Cross-Waist Leggings : These are medium compression leggings that you can use for any sport. Their high waist and crossed waist make them comfortable and very flattering.

Recycled polyester leggings with pockets: They are medium compression leggings with two side pockets, with a very flattering high waist.

If you do outdoor sports in winter, this technical understanding t-shirt is ideal, it will It will protect from the sun, from the wind.

It's all a matter of taste and how each person feels, you can feel good running in yoga leggings.

Remember that at Mi Maleta y Tú we have sizes in many of our products up to 6XL. Style is not at odds with size!

All our leggings are made with high quality premium materials with very soft fabrics and recycled polyester.

So you know, whatever you do, always comfortable and stylish!

Move to be happy!

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